Joan B. Silk

Joan B. Silk has conducted extensive research on the social lives of monkeys and apes, including extended fieldwork on chimpanzees at Gombe Stream Reserve in Tanzania and on baboons in Kenya and Botswana. She is also interested in the application of evolutionary thinking to human behavior. She has published numerous articles in scientific journals and edited volumes. She is currently a professor in the School of Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University.

Books by Joan B. Silk

  • How Humans Evolved

    Robert Boyd, Joan B. Silk

    Sixth Edition, Digital Product License Key, 2012

    The science of human evolution, not just the sites.
  • 9780393655483 72

    How Humans Evolved

    Robert Boyd, Joan B. Silk

    International Eighth Edition, Mixed Media Product, 2017

    The most complete introduction to the science of human evolution.