Karen Berger

Karen Berger, author of the best-selling Hiking and Backpacking: A Trailside Guide, has hiked over 15,000 miles, including the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail.

Books by Karen Berger

  • 9780393313345 72

    A Trailside Guide: Hiking & Backpacking

    Karen Berger

    New Edition, Paperback, 1997

    Smart, instructive, and beautifully designed, every book in the Trailside Guide series contains the essential information readers need to master outdoor activities and have fun in the process.
  • 9780393317695 72

    A Trailside Guide: Advanced Backpacking

    Karen Berger

    Paperback, 1998

    An expert long-distance backpacker shares secrets of the world's elite trekkers to make every hiker's adventure safer and more enjoyable.