Jeff Lyon

Jeff Lyon and Peter Gorner, recipients of the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism in 1987 for the stories on which Altered Fates was based, write for the Chicago Tribune. They live in Chicago.

Books by Jeff Lyon

  • 9780393303094 72

    Playing God in the Nursery

    Jeff Lyon

    Paperback, 1987

    “The power of Lyon’s book is that he has successfully returned the issue of newborn intensive care from the political or ethical to the profoundly, disturbingly personal. . . . A moving, impressive...
  • 9780393315288 72

    Altered Fates: The Genetic Re-engineering of Human Life

    Peter Gorner, Jeff Lyon

    Paperback, 1997

    Seven years in the making, Altered Fates chronicles the saga of gene therapy, a medical revolution unparalleled in human history.