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  • 9780393303339 72

    Advanced Racing Tactics

    Stuart H. Walker


    "Possibly the best book on racing tactics ever written." —Ted Jones, Dolphin Book Club News

  • 9780393306958 72

    The Bishop's Boys: A Life of Wilbur and Orville Wright

    Tom D. Crouch


    The reissue of this definitive biography heralds the one-hundredth anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight.

  • 9780393035544 72

    Boatbuilding: A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction

    Howard I. Chapelle


    Boatbuilding is a practical handbook and boatshop assistant, designed and written to meet the needs of the builder, covering the complete process of wooden boat construction.

  • 9780393080117 72

    The Book of Wooden Boats

    Benjamin Mendlowitz, Maynard Bray, John Rousmaniere

    Volume: III


    America's premier photographer of wooden boats presents the best of his work from the past decade.

  • 9780393306026 72

    Catamaran Racing from Start to Finish

    Phil Berman, Steve Tonnesen


    A world champion catamaran racer and one of the bestselling writers of catamaran sailing has created a book that is bound to be a valuable guide to catamaran racers for a very long time.