The Annotated Brothers Grimm

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Introduction by A.S. Byatt.

The Annotated Brothers Grimm
The Bicentennial Edition
Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm
Edited with a New Preface and Notes by Maria Tatar

This deluxe and augmented edition commemorates the 1812 publication of the Grimms’ Children’s Stories and Household Tales, when the European oral folk tradition was first brought into print.

Praise for the first edition:
"...can inspire that sharp fairytale pleasure at impending danger, as when the witch’s voice cackles: ‘Nibble, nibble where’s the mouse? Who’s that nibbling at my house.’" (Marina Warner, The Times); "[It is] a very good thing to rescue fairy tales from their airbrushed, deracinated, Barbie-ised place in modern culture..." (New Statesman); "For this beautiful edition...Maria Tatar has provided new translations and a series of fascinating textual notes." (London Review of Books)
       Margaret Reynolds chose the "appropriately full of mystery", The Annotated Hans Christian Andersen (ISBN 978 0 393 05163 6) as one of her 2010 Christmas Books in The Times. Also available: The Classic Fairy Tales (ISBN 978 0 393 97277 1); The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales (ISBN 978 0 393 05163 6); Enchanted Hunters (ISBN 978 0 393 06601 2); The Grimm Reader (ISBN 978 0 393 33856 0); and the "sumptuous and copiously illustrated book that anyone who loves Peter Pan would love." (The Guardian), The Annotated Peter Pan (ISBN 978 0 393 06600 5).

"... detailed and lavishly illustrated..."
Times Educational Supplement

"A magnificent volume ..."
Eileen Battersby, Books of the Year 2012, The Irish Times

October 2012 • £26.50 • ISBN 978 0 393 08886 1 • 576pp • 216 x 254mm • 75 colour and 75 black-and-white illustrations