The Restored New Testament

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Willis Barnstone is a poet, translator and religious scholar. The author of The Gnostic Bible and The Other Bible and the former O’Connor Professor of Greek at Colgate University, he is at the Institute for Biblical and Literary Studies at Indiana University.

The Restored New Testament
A New Translation with Commentary, Including the Gnostic Gospels Thomas, Mary, and Judas
Willis Barnstone

In his monumental new translation and restructuring of the New Testament, Willis Barnstone, the distinguished literary translator, prize-winning poet and biblical scholar, has sought to rediscover the character of the Bible. His translation is fresh and faithful, seeking to bring back the plain, lyrical, narrative speech of the original Greek. Barnstone has restored the original Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew forms of names (Markos for Mark, Yeshua for Jesus, Galil for Galilee), revealing the Greco-Jewish identity of key biblical figures and their geography. He treats the text as a work of literature, invoking historical and biblical scholarship to revise the canonical selection and traditional sequence of texts.
       Heavily annotated and including a general study and thorough introductions to each book, The Restored New Testament gives a pioneering and powerful literary version of scripture.

"The scholarship is exemplary, the attention to detail is meticulous, but most of all the feeling here is true."
Classics Christmas Round-up 2009 The Times

"This book is a significant achievement, and will be highly valued by those who see the New Testament flowing within a current of early Gnosticism."
Church Times

"The massive volume is a pleasure to handle and easy to read..."
Journal of Theological Studies

November 2009 • £38.50 • ISBN 978 0 393 06493 3 • 1,152pp • 156 x 230mm