On Reading

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Robert Gurbo is the curator of the André Kertész Estate and the author of André Kertész: The Early Years (ISBN 978 0 393 06160 4) and André Kertész: The Polaroids (ISBN 978 0 393 06564 0).

With a new introduction by Robert Gurbo.

On Reading
André Kertész

André Kertész (1894-1985) was one of the most inventive, influential and prolific photographers in the medium's history. This small volume, first published in 1971, became one of his signature works. Taken between 1920 and 1970, these photographs capture people reading in many parts of the world. Readers in every conceivable place—on rooftops, in public parks, on crowded streets, waiting in the wings of the school play—are caught in a deeply personal, yet universal, moment. Kertész's images celebrate the absorptive power and pleasure of this solitary activity and speak to readers everywhere. Both playful and poetic, On Reading is reissued with striking new duotone reproductions. Fans of photography and literature alike will welcome this classic.

Praise for André Kertész: The Early Years:

"The exquisite reproduction makes this a delightful introduction to the origins of his work."
Amateur Photographer

"...with beautiful black and white images of readers absorbed in books."
Elle Decoration

"On Reading is a must for all lovers of photography lusting after an affair with inspiration."
Amateur Photography

Praise for On Reading:

"A magical and, at times, moving celebration of the power of literature, On Reading is a bibliophile's dream."
The Gloss Magazine

"This poetic book that has long been out of print is even more compelling today in a world where "print" increasingly resembles an endangered species."
Paris Voice

"... before any of them came André Kertész."
The Independent on Sunday

"Kertész photographed people all over the world indulging in this peaceable pastime."

"A gorgeous collection of his work spanning 55 years (Kertész died in 1985), On Reading, is now being reissued for the first time since its 1971 publication and, in this digital age, acts as a timely reminder of the beauty of reading the printed word."

"On Reading is a superb example of [Kertész's] artistic vision, apolitical and without comment, an eye for the quiet yet charming."
Black and White Photography

"A quite lovely and soulful collection of great pictures."

July 2008 • £19.99 • ISBN 978 0 393 06656 2 • 80pp • 153 x 203mm • 68 duotone photographs