Privacy Policy

W.W. Norton & Company does not share any user's personal information with any outside person or company. Norton does not collect or retain personal information from users browsing Norton web sites for the purposes of further contacting the user, unless the user provides her explicit consent to do so. When submitting personal information (such as an email address) to register for a service (such as site access or newsletter), clear notice is given regarding the use of the personal information and what further contact to expect as a consequence. Users always have the choice of opting out of further correspondence.

Data collected for online ordering is used only for that purpose; we do not share any information provided. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that ordering data is kept safe.

We provide many links to other websites but we are not responsible for the information contained in these exterior sites. Similarly, the Privacy Policies of these outside sites might differ from those set forth on the W.W. Norton website.

Please note that in some cases prices quoted on this website may not be the final correct price, as shown in the shopping basket. The pages of this site are constantly updated to reflect current stock and prices but sometimes information can be incorrect. We cannot honour incorrect price listings.